Areas of Law: Compliance


Compliance is a set of laws that individuals in business or businesses themselves need to be aware of to ensure that they are operating legally. South Africa is regulated by a multitude of compliance laws ranging from, amongst others, the Labour Relations Act and Employment Equity Act, right through to the very transactions that business owners do on a day to day basis which is governed by the Consumer Protection Act, the National Credit Act and the Protection of Personal Information Act.

As a preferred supplier of compliance services to a range of businesses countywide, the firm established dedicated Facebook pages to keep its clients and the public updated and informed:

POPI Compliant

Mr Shevelew reviews and amends all contracts, policies, especially internal policies, all electronic information, website information, security information and how customer information is stored and protected.

CPA Compliant

Mr Shevelew reviews, amends and advises small and large business owners on all issues related to the Consumer Protection Act. Whether its advertising products, selling items brand new or second hand, the terms and conditions of sale or return of goods polices, compliance is vital. For the past few years, Mr Shevelew has been lecturing countrywide on the implications of the CPA on business in general and in particular on the rental property industry.

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